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The house that passed down through generations

​​※Enjoy the video with the sound.


The exterior of the house is a prestigious and gorgeous Victorian style and the interior is a classic elegant design. From design to selecting materials and furniture,  it is an absolutely one-of-kind design that is packed with the owner's commitment and passion.

We seriously considered and created something that reflects the owner’s interest.

We were so happy to be involved from architectural to interior design and CG production.



It has a gorgeous appearance with a beautiful polygonal tower.

The vivid contrast of white lap siding and dark green color roof and trim gives an elegant look. Also, incorporating the gable decoration into the covered porch and roof completes the classic appearance.

02 FrontPorch 01.jpg

Front Porch

In this Porch, the white railing, balusters and columns will bring you the feeling of living in a French New Orleans style house. Golden ceiling lamps are not only functional, but also gives a personal touch. It is an open space with a wood bench where you can take a break and enjoy beautiful azaleas.

02 FrontPorch 02.jpg
02 FrontPorch 03b.jpg

The Entry

The first thing you will see when you enter the house is a impressive chandelier that gives off an overwhelming presence in the open atrium.

The soft light coming from the stained glass and the brilliance of the crystals creates a magical atmosphere. The wall lamps on the arched window and chandelier are made of traditional Czech Bohemian crystals.

An organically curved spiral staircase enhance the luxurious and prestigious entrance hall.

There is a shoe closet at the entrance. The floor is a solid unpainted cedar finish that makes the best use of the material.

North ENT
04_Living Dining KItchen01.jpg

Living Dining Kitchen

In the Living-dining room, the classic design of the moldings and the coved ceiling create a refined atmosphere.

Most of the furniture is from Japanese high standard manufacturer Karimoku. A chic blue chaise longue is placed in the bay window to create a relaxing space by keeping it close to the garden.

In addition, a Victorian antique wall clock brings a sense of the past into a room.

The dining chandelier is a classic Danish design with gentle light harmonizing with the surroundings. It is connected with a stylish set of Karimoku dining chairs designed by the Danish architect studio.

By installing wood decorative beams with the same color as the floor material on the ceiling of the kitchen, the lighting is hidden and at the same time, it creates depth to the space.

04_Living Dining KItchen08.jpg
04_Living Dining KItchen06b.jpg
04_Living Dining KItchen07b.jpg
04_Living Dining KItchen03b.jpg


We installed warm colored Italian mosaic tiles in the Courtyard. Design and color go well with the ceiling and wall materials, and creates a gentle atmosphere with a Mediterranean feeling.

The chic dark green gate is a product of Takasho. By aligning the colors of the eaves of the courtyard and the ceiling of the corridor, the continuity between the inside and the outside has been enhanced and the feeling of spaciousness has been enhanced.


South Entrance

In the South Entrance hall, the washbasin and faucet of TOTO's classic Italian design are combined with the wall lamps of handmade ceramics made in Italy to create a very elegant washroom corner.

Mirrors of the same size are installed on both sides of the corridor, giving a sensation of spaciousness.

In addition, the classical molding and wallpaper on the ceiling and the white waist wall create a unified and elegant space.

The tiles in front of the entrance have the effect of dividing the space by adopting light gray mosaic tiles that are different in color from the tiles in the Courtyard.

06_South entrance03.jpg
06_South entrance02.jpg
06_South entrance01.jpg
Souh ENT
07_Main bedroom01.jpg

Main Bedroom

In the Main Bedroom, all wooden furniture and material are made of walnut wood. The contrast with the white wall creates a very profound atmosphere.

The colonial-style cabinet is a perfect choice to store precious antiques collected by the owner.

Walnut furniture is durable and has a distinctive, beautiful surface. As this house is designed for timeless motives, walnut furniture and material are the best choices for this house.

For lighting,  we selected a Spanish artisanal steel-made chandelier to make the best use of the high ceiling.

The room is accented with chic blue armchairs and stylish dark blue curtains for a unified look.

07_Main bedroom02.jpg
07_Main bedroom03.jpg
07_Main bedroom04.jpg
07_Main bedroom09.jpg
07_Main bedroom06.jpg
07_Main bedroom08.jpg
1st Bedroom
08_Second bedroom01.jpg

Second Bedroom

The Second Bedroom is decorated with warm and glossy green curtains to make the room even brighter and softer.

In addition, a lovely chandelier and wall lamps made of traditional French fabrics create an elegant and warm space. According to Japanese philosophy, simplicity is a basic principle of beauty. This bedroom is a good reference for it.

08_Second bedroom04.jpg
08_Second bedroom08.jpg
08_Second bedroom07.jpg
2nd Bedroom

Children’s room   

Like scenery taken from Peter pan’s tale, these spaces are full of children’s dreams. The girl‘s room represents the image of a cute doll house. On the other hand, the boy’s room coordinates with fresh marine color.

09_Children's room02.jpg
09_Children's room01.jpg
09_Children's room05.jpg
09_Children's room04.jpg

2F Wash Stand  

On the 2nd floor, this charming pedestal sink is a classic design from the year 1930. The stained glass mirror with an antique frame and ceramic wall lamp completes the space with a classic touch. Large marble-like tiles are installed on the walls of the sink to prevent water splashing.

This south-facing octagonal window provides a luminous atmosphere.

10_2F Washstand01.jpg
10_2F Washstand02.jpg
10_2F Washstand03.jpg
2F Wash Stand

Toilet & Bathroom 

To guarantee the best hygiene both toilets are equipped with the latest technology Washlet from the TOTO brand.

A natural stone panel is installed on the front wall of the Toilet. It gives a distinctive touch to the space.

In the bathroom, refined marble-colored walls and indirect lighting create a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.


External and Landscaping  

In the garden, different kinds of trees can enjoy each season such as cherry trees, lemon trees, fig-trees, olive trees, Laurel, and Japanese persimmon trees. They are all replanted from his former residence.  Especially cherry trees are pleasing to the eye in spring, and the other trees also show four-season beauty.

House is surrounded by tall fences to keep private from the outside. The design of fences also harmonizes with the rest of the house.


​​※Enjoy the video with the sound.

May it be filled with
happiness year after year

DEC 28th 2021


A New House
is completed


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